Green tea is a type of tea that is processed in high temperature to stop the oxidation process. Green tea contains high level of antioxidants and has many health benefits.

  • GP (gunpowder)
  • Keringan
  • Kempring
  • BT
  • Fanning

Most black teas have strong flavors and aroma. It has lower antioxidant level compare to green tea, and also has the second-highest caffeine content after white tea.


  • BOP (broken orange pekoe)
  • BP (broken pekoe)
  • BT (broken tea)
  • PF (pekoe fanning)
  • Dust
  • BT.II
  • PF.II
  • Dust.II
  • Fanning II
  • Dust.III
  • Powdery Dust
  • BM (broken mixed)
  • Pluff

CTC (Cutting, Tearing, Curling)

  • PF.1 (pekoe fanning.1)
  • PD (pekoe dust)
  • Dust.2
  • Fngs.2 (fannings.2)
  • Powdery Dust
  • BMF (broken mixed fannings)

White tea contains high level of antioxidants – a free radical scavenger to prevent diseases such as heart disease and cancer. But it also has the highest caffeine level that could cause insomnia if it is drunk a few hours before sleeping. White tea has a very delicate taste and flavors.

  • Silver Needle
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