Indonesian tea is one of the world's best tea.

Tea Warehouse offers the best tea is grown by farmers Indonesia, in quotation method and the right steps in order has a taste and aroma are good.


Tea Warehouse is a Sole engaged in Agro-Industry with tea commodity. Located in Karawang district, West Java Province. Tea Warehouse initiated from 2008 to the present, and have obtained import export license in 2016 and is ready to compete in the global market. Tea warehouse was established to meet the needs and market demand in the form of bulk tea which includes black tea, green tea and white tea with best quality, backed by the Tea Plantation and Factory own property located in the district of Cianjur, West Java Province.

"Tea warehouse is able to compete and reliable to meet the needs of bulk tea."

Tea warehouse feel proud to be able to meet and serve the demand of the buyers as well as customers in the local market as well as on a global level, and the motivation to develop and be ready to be the solution.


  • To be the best option by the manufacturer and the customer
  • Quality and Production Quality Standards be our primary concern.


  • Maintain good relations and cooperation in meeting and serving the needs of customers.
  • Increase, Evaluate and Maintain Quality and Quality Standards.

CV. Gudang Teh

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